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Ariel Wimasor – Traffic and Parking Control, of the YSB Yaacobi Brothers Group is the leading traffic control and management, traffic lights systems and parking control systems company in Israel, in central cities in the country. The company benefits from technological superiority thanks to its experienced, knowledgeable and professional human capital, and its proven ability in performing complex projects with a comprehensive integrative vision. Ariel Wimasor has software and hardware development infrastructures that enable the adjustment of technological systems to the client's needs, examining and adjusting advanced technologies in cooperation with world leading companies, and it has an unrestricted contractor license in electricity and traffic lights, and an ISO 9001 quality standard. The company's clients include leading market and industry entities, government ministries, governmental companies, the national roads company, the Israeli police force, the prisons authority, local authorities, hospitals, universities, residence buildings and luxury buildings.
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